Netflix login issue

Apologies if this is not strictly a wdtv issue but while encountering some connection issues (which turned out to be modem related) I deactivated netflix on my devise.
Since then I’ve not be able to log in. The message states that my username and password do not match their records. I’ve reset the password a couple of times but to no avail.

I know it isn’t wrong as I’ve attempted dozens of times and there is no problem with logging in with the same details on
I also set up another account on the 1 month free trial offer and there is no issue login problem there.

Any ideas?


I would recommend a complete factory restore as it is possible some login information from the previous session is yet to be cleared.

For additional information please visit the following link:

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Thanks, but I tried that, and to no avail.
This isn’t really a wdtv issue at all as I can log in with another account. And I’m having the same issue with the iPad app; can’t log in with my original, paid subscription. But have no problem with the temporary trial user I set up.
Thanks for replying though.

If anyone could point me to a decent netflix-centric forum, that would be great.


Hopefully you will be able to address this situation with a positive outcome.