Netflix locking up WD TV Live Plus since upate to 1.04.31

When I initially turn on my WD TV Live Plus and start Netflix, it will hang on a blank screen until I reset the system and try again. This behavior seems to have started since the upate to 1.04.31. Any fix for this?

Are you a Canada or US user?

Did you reregister the unit after the update?

I’m Having The Same Issue Since The Last Upate. Everything Else Works Great, But If You Start Netflix It Locks Up On A Black Screen And Has To Be Reset Manualy To Be Used Again. Any Ideas?

I know that when Netflix starts up it checks your display device for HDCP copy protection. If it does not detect copy protection it will downres the video output and will not allow HD. There has been a lot of HDMI issues with the WD Media players and what you may be seeing is an HDMI handshaking problem between the WD box and your TV during the check for copy protection. If the problem continues, you will probably have to roll back the firmware to get rid of that issue. However, before doing that it might be worth trying to reset the WD box first.

I had been having the same problem for two weeks. While a paperclip reset gave me audio back the unit still locked up.  I reseated all the HDMI cables going to the receiver and to the television and Netflix movies would once again play.  Hope this helps someone.

Very Interesting Idea On The HDMI Handshaking. Does Make Alot Of Sense But In My Case I’m Using Componant On This TV. The HDMI Port Is Not Being used At All At The Moment.

I’m A Little Reluctant To Paperclip Reset. For Fear Of Losing My Metadata For Movies, But I Suppose i Should Try It.

Thanks, For The Info

Well if you are using a Live Plus there is no meta-data to lose. Only the Live Hub has meta-data.

Well Progress To A Point. I Found Out That For What Ever Reason Since The Update If I remove My Dlink Router From The Mix Everything Works Fine. If I Put It Back In, Netflix Goes Down And All Online Access Is Locked Up With The Exception Of The AccuWeather.

Not Sure What Changed Maybe They Don’t Support My Router Anymore Or Settings Need To Be Changed On It. Ports Opened?

I’ll Look At That List Of Supported Routers. But I’m Using A Simple Wired Connection For It. Wouldn’t Think It Was A Big Deal Since It Worked With All The Previouse Firmware.

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