Netflix issues

I have owned by WD for for about 1.5 years but till I got a new TV never used Netflix from the device since my old TV’s HDMI input was not HDPC so as known the WD would down grade Netflix over compontent to 480.   Blackfriday I bought a new Samsung and finally got it all set up everything thus far was working on the WD but  when Netflix starts downing the stream it will begin fast then quickly goes slow with the movie finally loading 2 minutes later.  The issues with anything I watch from Netflix on WD is the movie has the frame jerking affect occuring with the WD so I cannot watch the stream.  Did do a speed test to check the TWC Internet speed  it was showing 25/6. I am on the 30 package with turbo.  As for the Audio streaming from Netflix the audio is streaming with out issue.

I am receiving a ROKU today for my second TV so will give Netflix a try to see if it is TWC or the issue lies with WD. TWC has a ROKU app for getting my TWC Digital TV channels.

… and I have a TWC DVR box connected to the Samsung and there is no Jerkiing affecting occuring on the on the Samsung when using the DVR to rule out the TV.

Anyone having Netflix issues with the WD TV Live HUB

I got my Roku last night and set  it up this morning on my second TV.   Same issue on the ROKU cannot get Netflix to stream in HD after  that I tried Amazon and it would stream the feed in HD with out issue…  After some searching it seems TWC and Netflix are not getting along with each other and TWC is not passing the HD feed onto Netflix users.   A ton of pissed off users on TWC are having this issue from WD devices to Roku users.

Now if only WD supported the Amazon video APP I could use it watch the same movies from Netflix on Amazon in HD.


Have you tried resetting the device?

Check the firewall setting on your modem or router.

Thanks for the input but the issue is between Netflix and TWC, and my netflix streamed fine in HD when on Cox Internet at the same package as I have with TWC now.  Also as stated Amazon instant video has no issues streaming in HD off the Roku.

desiguy2447 wrote:

The issues with anything I watch from Netflix on WD is the movie has the frame jerking affect occuring with the WD so I cannot watch the stream. 


I also have TWC and a hub. While streaming Netflix, I notice every 5 seconds or so it seems to skip a frame. It’s more noticable on newer movies and hardly noticable on TV shows. Is that what you’re noticing?

I suspect it’s something with the hub itself because i have 2 SMPs and they do not have that issue. All devices are connected via HDMI as well.

Yes, I was noticing the same issue as you… On my Roku I don’t get a frame skipping every 2 seconds or so.  Also confirmed with a other friends in different TWC areas that the Netflix HD stream is mostly blocked along with Youtube. Otherservices on the WD play fine in HD along with Roku. 

On aside note Amazon prime works with out issue in HD if only WD would support it.

I connected my old Sony Blu-Ray player to so I can use Amazon Prime which is working with out issue so is Netflix  though my Blu-ray player doesn’t support the 5.1 audio as to the unit being old for Netflix.  Even though TWC is blocking Netflix which is confirmed for HD feeds there is something odd with the WD when it comes to playing Netflix  it seems to slow down when loading the feed.

The video is not jerking on Sony or Roku, and on both devices the PQ is pretty sharp though with Roku I could confirm I am not getting the HD feed but I can still watch the Feed from Netflix.  If I load the same feed on the WD the video will Jerk every two to five seconds.

At least I can watch Netflix using my Sony with out any video Jerkying issues, and Amazon Prime with getting the 5.1 audio

I’ve streamed Netflix through the Hub for a couple of years now, and had this happen once before.  This is a pure guess, but I think the problem may be here: “Blackfriday I bought a new Samsung and finally got it all set up.”  I’m betting a lot of folks got new Netflix-capable hardware for Christmas, and the servers have been overwhelmed.  If this is indeed the case, once Netflix gets a handle on the increased traffic and builds out to handle it, things should be fine.

I had the same problem with my Hub over a year ago.  I even had Netflix support on the phone and they couldn’t figure it out.  It worked fine for the longest time and then just started studdering/dropping frames every few seconds.

My solution was to replace the Hub with a SMP and attach a hard drive.  Not cost effective, I know, but it solved my issue and I actually prefer the SMP + HDD setup over the Hub.

When mine started acting up it wasn’t Christmas or any other time when the Netflix servers would have been overloaded.  When I had Netflix on the phone they apparently could view the data stream going to the Hub as it was playing and they saw no issues at all with it from their end.

A littel over month later with being on TWC and not getting the HD stream with Netflix via the WD. I picked up a Sony BD Player to replace my old one and straight out of the box it is streaming Netflix in HD with out any issues.   Not sure what the issue is with the WD but I gave up on it for streaming NetFlix  in HD.

I know TWC tends to block the HD stream from netlix which is already widely posted in other forums.

it is working without me needing to do some network  setting in the SONY to get around TWC.

I was having the exact same issue with my WDTV Play device — my bluray would stream netflix in HD, but not the WD (see my thread here if you want: %C2%A0)

Can you help me understand what TWC is?  And are you certain the issue is between that and Netflix, and not the WD player??? 

TWC = Time Warner Cable 

I have the Extreme Internet here so speed is not the issue.

It could very well be the WD unit since WD downloads the streams very odd they started loading extremely fast then all of suddens halts to crawl and the PQ once the Stream from netflix load is horrid.

 Forgot to add on the Sony BD Player when you select the movie from Netflix to stream it load extrememly fast with no issue unlike the WD so does my Roku 2 load with out issues.

It would be good if someone from WestingHouse could comment on this issue — as it I doubt we are the only ones seeing this issue…???

I confirmed again with my Roku 2 and Sony BD that Netflix is working with out issue.

Highly doubt anyone from WD is going confirm the unit has a Netlfix streaming issue.