Netflix issues wifi

Hi there: 
I have my WD TV Live from a 2 years ago, I always had some problems with the last weeks the situation is exaggerated. In recent weeks the problem starts when I open Netflix. There is no way but after 3 or 4 restarts when I can read a series or movie with confidence. Something wrong with you with the Netflix app specifically?

Have you tried doing a powercycle or pressing the reset button? 

Yes. I try in the router But not difference.

Hi again, are you getting any error messages? Have you tried logging out of the Netflix account and then logging back in?

After half an hour of testing, I found the solution: change the encryption wifi, was formerly in WPA2-PSK AES encryption, but now it is in WPA2-PSK TKIP encryption. I know that AES is more secure, but if I put it is when the problems begin. Now it is like new.

The router es a TP-LINK TD W8968.