Netflix interface slow

I have a recurring problem where the Netflix interface becomes horribly lagged… I press a button on the remote and it takes 4-5 seconds for it to show up on the screen.    The problem is only with Netflix,  any other area the WD TV Live Plus responds instantly.   Rebooting the device doesn’t help,  I have the latest stock firmware,  does anyone have this issue or have a fix for this?

the latest … as in TODAY’s?

How is your internet bandwidth?

Ooooh there’s a new one today?  No I don’t have that one yet,  I’ll grab it.

I don’t think my bandwidth is the issue,  the lag isn’t in loading the videos,  it’s in everything,  just moving the cursor over the letters in the search takes 4-5 seconds per letter,  often causing me to overshoot.   My Roku and PS3 and Wii have no issues with their Netflix applications,  it’s just the WD that has a laggy Netflix interface.   But again everything else on the WD works fine,  Network shares,  Youtube or other applications have no lag.

Oh and my bandwidth is 16mbps.

Hmmm I went to update it and it said it was already up to date,  I don’t seem to have gotten any new updates.

Sorry, I was thinking you had a Hub because I didn’t read the forum title.

My appologies…  No update for the Live+ today.