Netflix instant queue

I’ve been using unodns for the past couple of months to access Netflix US content using my SMP.
Though I get all the US content one of the things that annoys me is that UK Netflix don’t offer the instant queue feature that is available to US users.
I assumed instant queue was removed from Netflix’s UK software, though a couple of nights ago Netflix was playing up and was taking ages to login. It looked liked they were having server issues, and after taking numerous attempts to login I had an instant queue list at the top of the screen and the queue feature was allowing me to add titles to my queue, though the next time I logged in it was gone. I’m assuming that for a brief time the UK servers went down and Netflix was redirecting traffic through their US servers, which is why the instant queue appeared.

I was wondering if anyone in the UK with a UK SMP or Live Hub, who has a proper US netflix account, (one that was registed on Netflix US and not their UK site), has access to the instant queue feature? And if I cancelled my UK account and re-registered on the US site using a US credit card, would I be able to access instant queue?

You can try pm’ing richUK

In theory it should work but I’m not from UK to test this

Sorry don’t have a US account and I only used the UK site for a couple of months.

Thanks for the replies guys. If anyone else has any info please reply!

My next Netflix billing is due at the end of the month, I might cancel my UK account and sign up with Netflix U.S using an EntroPay virtual Visa card just to see if it works.

It seems a dumb move to allow U.S users build an instant queue and everyone else is denied it.