Netflix in Latin-america and WDTV Live Plus

Hi, this message is for the WDTV Stuff  to ask them if WD TV Live Plus is ready to stream netflix from Latin-america, since netflix started working from september 5.

I don’t know how to contact them direct so I thought they could see this message and confirm that before buying the device.

Thank you.

If you buy an actual Latin American model, it should work.

If you buy (or have bought) a North American model, either online, or locally that someone has imported, it WILL NOT work with Latin American Netflix… EVER.

Brazil and Argentina: Model WDBREC0000NBK

Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia: Model  WDBG3A0000NBK

North American model is WDBABX0000NBK – it won’t work.

Google Translate:

Si usted compra un modelo real de América Latina, que debería funcionar.

Si usted compra (o comprar) un modelo norteamericano, ya sea en línea o local de que alguien ha importado, no va a trabajar con América Latina Netflix NUNCA.


Se você comprar um modelo latino-americano atual, ele deve funcionar.

Se você comprar (ou comprou) uma modelo norte-americano, seja online ou localmente que alguém tenha importado, ele não irá trabalhar com latino-americanos Netflix SEMPRE.

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Where I can buy the peruvian model?

Nevermind, PS3 will do the thing…

is a shame that that my useless wii and my old PS# would do the trick…

Well you still need to talk to Netflix as to why THEY decided it must be this way.

Do you really think WD WANTED to do it this way? Create 2 new hardware devices for LA. Think NOT.

I also bought a WD live hub in the USA and am being confrontated with the fact that the box will not function with Netflix in the Caribbean . Netflix told me to contact WD  , and now it becomes clear that these boxes don’t function in the Caribbean region . What a waste and unbelievable that this is happening… . Will cancel my Netflix acount and wait for better products… 

I have to agree with parnott on this one. I am sure this was not WD’s choice. Netflix did the same thing when they inked an agreement with Panasonic. I am now stuck with a DMP60 Blu Ray player that can never have Netflix. Panasonic basically had to allow all pre-mid2010 products go because Netflix’s hardware requirements were too stringent. The player can do Amazon on Demand, YouTube, and a few others, but can never have Netflix. That is why I think this Latin America issue is probably a result of a decision of Netflix, not WD.

So WD has to adjust to Netflix … very ineresting  for such a powerfull company …This is purely a marketing strategie , other boxes ps3 and wii are not producing special boxes because of Netflix .  WD self is not responding on my case concerning this issue . anyways … saludos

Yo vivo en Venezuela y acabo de comprarme el WD TV Live. Cual seria mi sorpresa que es la version que no sirve con Netflix Latinoamerica. Dejando a un lado toda la frustancion que esto me ha traido ahora me pregunto… y donde compro la version correcta? No logro conseguirlo por ningun lado!!!

I live in Venezuela and I just bougth the WD TV Live. You would not imagine my surprise when the model is the want that does not work for Latinamerica. Leaving asi my frustration and now ask myself… where do I buy the model that works? I havent been able to find any store than sells it.

NONE of the LIVEs support it anywhere. Only the LIVE PLUS supports NetFlix.

it is a pitty the WD team makes no sense in decisions…how come my product bought in US will not work in LATAM with netflix? makes more sense to buy an Apple TV device - please do not buy this product honestly…