Netflix in HD option?

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a WDTV live streaming media player and am pretty happy with it so far.  The only problem is I have already chosen the highest quality option in netflix settings on the web site but when I choose an HD title it doesn’t stream in HD.  I pick options on the remote and it is always in SD with medium quality or high.  Is there any way to manually choose the HD stream instead of letting it adjust to the bandwidth of my internet?


The WDTV uses the adaptive stream. It starts at a low rate and reads how fast that comes in, then slow adjusts up until it hits a bitrate it thinks your Internet speed supports. You can see the quality by hitting the OPTION button. Currently, due to recent changes, X-High/HD is no longer used. New encodes put the 1080p feed at High/HD now.

What speed Internet do you have? The player can only buffer a few minutes at most. There isn’t a ‘download and play’ option for Netflix.