Netflix HDUk

I have just signed up to a netflix trial in the UK but very disappointed with the quality, I was expecting to have HD quality but this is clearly not the case.

In the netflix account online I have set this to best, the wd box is connected to the TV via HDMI and my download speed was tested and I about 7.48 mb/s

Bbci player worked fine in HD and so does other content I play from our nas drive.
The WD box is connect to the router by cable and is not wireless.

Can netflix be viewed in HD if so HOW?

Well when I was with Netflix UK recently it was HD, in fact it was Super HD. Press the options button when you are playing an HD film and see what you are getting. Even if you don’t get Super HD you should still get HD if its an HD stream.
You only get Super HD if your ISP is part of the Open Connect network, a free partnership with Netflix.

Check here.

I save pressed the options button on the remote but this only shows the quality of picture I receive, this can’t be changed.

Some program’s only show as high/sd even though they are showing as available in super HD

I have has I program show as x-high/HD which looked ok, am I missing something, the netflix website tells me that my ISP is part f the open connect network.

Ou help would be appreciated