Netflix Hangs On Damages

Certain episodes of Damages hangs/freezes/fails to retrieve. Sometimes it freezes then picks up.

This is the only show I’ve had this problem with and it plays flawlessly on my computer.

Get the fix in.  :cry:

I should add; i am using the plus model and have the firimware posted 3/8/11.

Also, my connection is rated excellent using cable modem.

All other videos I’ve tried play quite well, with the infrequent hang.

Ok, I have to ask.

I know your username from somewhere else.   I think I’ve seen you play WordGrid on the TiVo, and kick my backside most of the time.   Am I right, or just a pure coincidince? 


   There are PLENTY of titles out on NetFlxi that do NOT stream well to the WDTV.   In the vast majority of cases, the fault is at NetFlix.

They have probably dozens of different “Versions” of every title, due to the different compression requirements / codec requirements / etc.

Just because it plays fine on a PC does NOT mean it is guaranteed to play correctly everywhere.

I had an issue with two episodes of a TV show that the Audio was three seconds ahead of video.   It worked fine on my TiVo, worked fine on my PC, but would NOT play correctly on the WDTVs or my iPad.

So, your best option is to file a case with NetFlix using NetFlix’s trouble reporting tool.   In my case, it took them two months, but both files started working.

On the monicker; the wife and I travel extensively and I use that monicker for us on a host of travel sites.

I don’t use it on the site you mentioned.

Thanks for the response.

I put in a report to Netflix.  I’m sure they announced an immediate alert and all hands swung into action. (sarcasm ooze alert)

If you’re frequented cruise message boards or trip advisor you might have seen a review.

thanks for the response.

Best Regards,