Netflix GUI on WDTV Live MSP

Hi Gang… new member and first post here.

I just moved from my old LG650 box to Wd’s LMSP. I have upgraded the firmware.

I am loving the box for it’s network streaming capacity BUT…

The netflix GUI is REALLY lacking compared to the LG box.

I used to be able to see every title offerede by Netflix, with sub-genres listed like sub-folders.

Now, i get 37 different genres (many of which i don’t even want or have interest in).

In order to determine what we want to watch, we have to now go to our computer, login to Netflix, search the various genres and sub-genres and then back to our television to do a search in Netflix and pick our show.

I have called Netflix, and they explained that each box manufacturer develops their own GUI. I have called WD, and they said there is no consideration being given to update the GUI.

Very disappointing… :frowning:

Has anyone found a hack or an ability to supercharge the GUI on the WDTV…??



Netflix lied to you. NETFLIX designs the GUI. The box only uses their API. Yes, the box’s firmware has dependencies on which API can be used, but netflix designs the GUIs. That’s how they can change them even without a firmware update, as they have done at least three times so far.

thanks for the reply Tony…

why would they create such an ineffective GUI for this box-set, while other box-set manufacturers enjoy a more robust and inclusive Gui …??

I’d like to see a campaign be established amongst us to complain to whomever is responsible to see if we can’t get a better menu, complete with all genres and sub-genres.

What’s a WDTV Live MSP?      

Do you mean WDTV Live SMP (Streaming Media Player)  ?

yes…  that’s what i mean…:slight_smile:

The only device I have that runs their newest GUI is my Roku3.

My LGTV and WDTVs run the same GUI.

My LG Bluray player runs a GUI about 4 revisons old.

While the Roku3 GUI has much more “Eye Candy,” I don’t find it any more “robust” or inclusive than the other devices…

What STB are you comparing it to?

Here’s more info on the subject – and details how it is NETFLIX that does all the UI design, not the hardware manufacturers:

I have about 4-5 devices running netflix ,WD SMP apple TV. Ps3 Samsung bluray player and Samsung TV if you search for the title example short 23.976
The video shows you the exact kbps your Netflix is running at 5800 kbps is the best super HD stream 4300 kbps is next down super HD and so on 3750 is 1080p 3000 is 720p right down to nasty 240 SD this is only on u.s and Canadian Netflix funnily enough on the same network and the same wires if I test one device after the other the WD SMP starts of poor but quickly ramps up to super HD and stays at 5800 kbps its the only one of my devices that holds the super HD and never wavers second best is the ps3 and worst by a mile is the apple TV,but I believe apple has a problem just now on its apple TV version of Netflix.
So the WD version might not look as pretty as the ones with all the bells and whistles , on my network at least it is out performing them all.

i am not at all complaining about the ‘quality’ of how the WD SMP plays Netflix…

i just find their menu really lacking, as i am used to being able to see all genres and sub-genres, and now i am limited and only able to see some pre-determined catagories, supposedly based on my viewing history.

we now find ourselves logging onto the computer and going to Netflix to see all titles, then back to the WD and do a search for it… it’s a [Deleted - Trancer]:frowning:

Miguanos wrote:


we now find ourselves logging onto the computer and going to Netflix to see all titles, then back to the WD and do a search for it… it’s a [Deleted - Trancer]:frowning:



When you find the items on your computer just add them to your “my List” (instant queue).  They will be listed on the WD TV when you login to Netflix.  Not the improved search you want but definetly easier than what you are doing now.

thanks Braumeister…

i am in canada, running the US version of Netflix. I believe the "my list’ is only available on the Canadian Netflix…??

My LGTV and WDTVs run the same GUI.


are you referring to the LG 650 top box, or an actual lg smart tv…??

because the lg top box is what i had and it was an all inclusive menu, unlike what i now have with the wdtv box.

i read the attached article… thanks for sharing…:slight_smile: regrettably, it didn’t mention anything about the WD line of smartt boxes… but i suppose we can assume they are not scheduled for an update…??

thanks again for your input.


The LG 55LX6500 television.  It’s about 3 years old.

I am in US and MY List is on my pages.