Netflix flickers at 1080p but is fine at 720p

I’m reporting a bug with the Hub and how it communicates what I think to be an HDCP signal to my LCD TV.

I have a Samsung t4671f. I have no problem watching movies at the resolution 1080p/60hz, but if I try to watch Netflix movies at this resolution, the screen flickers to a snow screen every second or so. It’s an intermittent flickering. Watching Blockbuster trailers produces the same effect, so I guess it’s an HDCP issue.

Strangely, if I change the resolution to 720, there is no flickering and I can watch Netflix movies just fine. 

Has anyone else experienced something similar? 

I tried downgrading to ver 19 firmware and still same issue. 

HDCP requires a tad more bandwidth on the HDMI cable.   You might try a different HDMI cable.


You really think it’s the HDMI cable? I thought I had a pretty decent one. I have this one:    It says HDCP compliant

All of the Netflix “snow” issues we’ve encountered have been due to improper handling of HDCP by the TVs in question. Without testing your TV I cannot say for sure that this is the case, but it is probable.

Thanks. for the reply…  I guess it is the TV… I realized that 1080p/24 works fine… but something about 1080/60 makes it flicker while watching hdcp material. Odd since it’s a rather good TV. Oh well. Not a big deal though.