Netflix - extremely annoying but extremely simple to fix problem

I love to watch certain TV shows on Netflix.  As you’re finishing up one episode and are ready to go on to the next, it automatically takes you to the next episode so you can start it up with just 1 click.  That’s great, but what happens when you watched them all and you want to go back and re-watch some of them?  Frustration happens.

Let’s say you go back to watch episode 31 of 88 of a random tv series after all episodes have previously been watched…  after episode 31 finishes, it kicks you back to the episode list but rather than put you at episode 32 like it should, it always takes you to episode 88, or whatever the last unwatched episode was of that series, OR the last episode in the list if all have been watched.  So if you wanted to watch a multi-part episode, you have to page through the list several times.  It’s incredibly frustrating and should take your programmers all of 5 minutes to include some expanded logic that simply takes the user to the next episode in the list once all episodes have been watched already.  If WD could add this to your next firmware release that would be just awesome.

WD do not control how the Netflix user interface works.  The whole Netflix viewing experience is controlled by Netflix. The WD Live+ just runs a very stripped down web browser to show Netflix content and that is supplied by Netflix.

You need to address this request to Netflix.

Aw hamburgers.

And Netflix just changed it again.  Now I really hate the interface.  Even on my computer.