Netflix crashes

When I’m watching a series on Netflix, the next episode will often start to load, with the loading bar going about 1/3 of the way and then hangs. I need to power off and on, at which point it has to reload the media library again… which is a drag.

Any ideas? I’ve got latest firmware, and the media library is contained on a 2TB WD Mybook Live…

And now, having stopped it before it went to the next in the series, then returned to home screen, and reopened netflix - I get a message saying it can’t connect to netflix. Exit, go back in - and it connects fine and plays.

If this box would work consistenly, it would be amazing…

Sounds familiar…

Here’s what  worked for me:

Go to Settings menu, and write down all the  values you’ve changed. This makes it much quicker to get it back up & running the way it was b4 it broke.

While in settings, go to system, and reset to factory defaults. You can keep your on-line passwords.

When your smp comes up, I would suggest keeping the Media Library off, while you go to Services, and test Netflix.

Mine has been fine for a week, and I’ve deleted the .wdtv folders on my drives, so when I do get around to starting the media library, it’ll get a fresh load.

Enjoy Netflix!