Netflix- can't get back to beginning

I’m watching  Netflix movies on my WDTV Lve through Playon and cannot get back to the start of a movie. It you start a movie and then stop it you are given the choice to start where you left off or start from the “beginning”, technicallly where you started last time you watched. So if you watch a bit on day 1, turn it off and watch on day 2, turn it off and watch on day 3 you cannot go back to the where you started on day 1, only where you started on day 2. How to you get back to the very beginning, the start of the movie??? I have gone back to my Netflix queue, removed the movie from the queue and then added it again which did reset the movie from the beginning once. The last time I tried this it did not work and I could not watch Stepbrothers from the beginning no matter what I did and it was frustrating. Is there an easy way to just press a button and go back to the very beginning?

There’s nothing about this related to the WDTV, so I would recommend you post that on the PlayOn forums.

Someone might chime in, though…

To reset the play position you have to use the Netflix movie player on your computer.

Open the movie on your computer with netflix, position to beginning or where you want it to start play, play a few seconds so Netflix saves the position then close netflix.