Netflix audio sync issue?

I am trying to watch some movies on netflix but 2 of the 4 so far I have seen today are out of sync with the audio being half second ahead of the video. I am connected to wifi with the router being in the same room. The odd part is the two videos that were out of sync were not on a TV with built in streaming and half the reception. Could the issue be because of netflix/video, or could it be due to something else? I am on the latest firmware btw. Thanks

On an unrealted note when I try to video the streaming content that is on my computer it doesn’t show the sub-folders. Any ideas? 

Check if you have the latest firmware.

Try doing a pause/play and see if it gets back in sync.

I am experiencing the same issue.  This does not occur with MPEG video played locally or via my NAS.  Also does not appear to be happening with Hulu, just Netflix on the WD TV Live Hub.  Same network connection attached to my Tivo playing Netflix also does not exhibit this issue.  Attempted to pause for buffer, does not change behavior.