Netflix Audio Setting

Short question. I know you can’t save the setting for audio in Netflix permanently. But is there a way to have it not select the 5.1 audio?

I have a PS3 and it defaults to Stereo, which means I have to set it to 5.1 manually which is fine since I don’t need the 5.1 audio. Now with the WD it defaults to the 5.1 audio in Netflix. That’s not what I want since a) my connection is not that good and 5.1 means more bandwith and b) the audio is out of sync if I use the 5.1 stream.

The WD audio settings are set to stereo but that does nothing for Netflix apparently.


I don’t think there is a permanent setting. You have to go into the options of each title to choose 2.0  instead of 5.1.

Ok but what about the out of sync issue if I set it to 5.1? This doesn’t happen on my PS3. Pause/Play didn’t change that.