Netflix Audio Issues via HDMI

Hello All!

I just bought one of these boxes and have to say I’m quite amazed at how useful they are, how easy to navigate, and how quick they are to respond. All of that being said, I’m having a problem that I hope you can help with. First, a bit about what I have setup.

WD TV Live!

Yamaha RX-V1600 AVR

Panasonic TH-50PX80U Plasma TV

These three devices are connected via HDMI in series.

I can get Dolby Digital sound and DTS out of the HDMI output whilst viewing material from my media server. But when I try to watch Netflix I get no audio at all unless I go into the settings and disable the HDMI Pass Through. My AVR shows no audio signal at all from the WD TV whilst this is occuring. I do not have this problem with my Oppo DVD player or my UVerse STB. This only occurs with the WD TV and it seems to be specifically isolated to the Netflix app.

Any thoughts?

This has been reported before

Try different audio settings…

What firmware on the SMP?