Netflix app loading for 20 minutes

Loving that…Nope, not at all… Actually hating that, real bad.

Have you tried power cycle? Firmware update? Reset the WDTV? Reset your router? 

Yeah I try all of that all the time… I want my money back…

I thought 20 minutes was bad, yeah, it doesn’t even load any movie anymore…

We were able to watch one show last night! Then, while loading the next episode…total failure. Unresponsive to anything except unplugging. At least we got some use.

WD nicely gave me a new device to replace the “faulty” one which does not work with Netflix. Ironically the one they sent must have been taken from the same bath in the factory because it has the same annoying issues.

Here’s a photo of me and my family enjoying Christmas movies via Netflix on a WD Streaming device:


Today’s attempts to watch Netflix include many reboots, several unplugs, lots of application reloading, and, a partridge in a pear tree.

Please get another manufacturer s player and be happy, hopefully.


I am a happy long time user of the old WDTV - it has never let me down with MKVs at 720p with 5.1 audio fed out of the optical socket to the receiver. No hassle - deep joy :slight_smile:

I intend to try out netflix and was looking to get suitable device to enable this; the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player  bounced to the top of the list as a) I have been lucky with the brand so far and b) it’s a lot cheaper than a console…

My googling just before pressing the “buy” button showed some concern about the box actually  doing netflix well… is this still the case? Are most people ok netflixing with this, with a small percentage cursed with problems - or is it a general issue?

Thanks for you input!

I, too, have been a long time power user of the WDTV Live Plus (with WDLXTV too).  I made the switch to the SMP over the fall to get a better UI for my wife.

I have witnessed the issues with Netflix but usualrestart boot fixes that.  As a fellow old WDTV user you are probaBly not a stranger to the occasional reboot.

Specifically regarding Netflix, it would be nice to have the ability to select the classic Netflix 1.0 UI as an option.  Kind of like how we can choosbetween the WD native Youtube and Leanback experiences.

But overall for a buying decision Istill like it enough to order another for my brother in law for Christmas.

Many thanks for the considered reply horizons1 - much appreciated :slight_smile:

Your intention to purchase a 2nd unit is pretty much the acid test - so I think will take the plunge and give it a go - just have to figure out if I need to change my broadband package to cover the increase in “metered”  traffic/month I imagine will be generated!

Thanks again



No problem.  I actually own two myself, one I bought off Ebay reconditioned (doesn’t work right but WD is exchanging for me) and one retail.  So I am happy with the performance of the one that worked right  :wink:

Maybe you were joking about the broadband thing, but if you used the old WDTV as much as it sounds like you did then you are probably going to see the same usage with the new device.  I never use Vudu or Hulu Plus because I am too cheap to pay.  Many of the other services already existed on the older model.


No I wasn’t joking about the broadband!  My current unit is the original WDTV - no streaming - I play everything from USB sticks.

Consequently  this will be a new experience for me. As a test I have started using netflix on their free one month trial - accessing content via the Wii. However this limits display to 480p (remember the days when DVD quality was just fine lol) and doesn’t output to my receiver to get 5.1 audio. If the Gb usage doesn’t rack up too much (I’m on a 60Gb/month limit at the moment) then I’m good to go with the new WDTV live :slight_smile: