Netflix and Youtube stopped working

My netflix and youtube suddenly stopped working on my WD TV Live Plus.

I am running firmware version 1.06.42_B

I also noticed the the system time has been reset to 1999 and I can’t seem to be able to change it.

Other apps such as weather and radio still work.

Has anyone had the same problem and recovered from it?


Hi xdsltrev, try pressing the reset button and then update the system time. 

Both myself and father in law are having the exact same issues…netflix is not working as well as youtube - date and time are incorrect(1999) and they are in separate houses. All firmware is up to date as well.  Has there been any new information on how to fix this?

Netflix stopped working.  Screen goes to black and Netflix never loads.  Just started doing this 11/16/2014.  I have the most up-to-date firmware.  System date is correct.  Any one have a suggestion??

Try a reset. In my case I found that Netflix got an update.

joseanpr wrote:

Try a reset. In my case I found that Netflix got an update.

Huh?   The “apps” on these devices don’t get updates unless there’s a full firmware update, which hasn’t happened in almost two years.