NETFLIX and PlayOn

There is a temporary solution for streaming Netflix instant play movies using PlayOn:

I call this temporary because WD needs to update the firmware to support Netflix directly.

The WDTV Live is not officially supported by PlayOn but it does work.

Some things to be aware of :

  • PlayOn does not support HD but they say they are working on it.

  • The PC you install PlayOn on will be the stream server so you need a good processor and lots of

   memory. See here for Minimum requirements:

  • Free 14 day trial after that it cost $40

I did a quick test and found that it does work but there are some glitches.

Some things I noticed are:

  • Using REW at too fast a setting will drop the stream and send you back to the movie selection menu.

  • For the 1st movie I selected there was no audio.  When I tried another movie the audio worked. I tried

  the 1st movie again and the audio worked.

I’m sure there are other problems but you get the idea.

Link to PlayOn forum about this:

Using REV to back up in a movie eventually gets you thrown back to the movie menu.

A work around is to stop the PlayOn server then play the movie in your Netflix web brower.

Position the movie to where you want it to start then pause and close your web browser.

Restart the PlayOn server and play the movie in WDTV Live.

edited bacause the auto censor deleted stuff.