Netflix and HDMI cable

I’m having problems with Netflix when I use an HDMI cable… I get audio only without video. The firmware is up to date. The WD TV Live Plus is plugged into my Magnavox 42" plasma (42MF237S) via HDMI. The composite cable works fine but I bought it for the HD feature.

Anyone else having the same issue? Is there a fix or will there by in the near future?

It sounds to me like an HDCP issue, which is the authentication and encryption mechanism that NetFlix requires.

You might check to see if there’s a firmware update for your TV.

Suggest connecting with a component video cable and see if the problem goes away.

HDMI and its DRM handshaking causes lots of incompatibilities.  I avoid HDMI whenever possible.

Make sure the HDMI cable is good.   I had the same problem and replaced the HDMI cable and everything worked.