I am attempting to write zeros to a Netcenter network drive. I have downloaded the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool ( but when I run it, I don’t see the network drive listed. I can access the network drive through Windows Explorer, though. Is this the only option I have for writing zeros to this drive, or are there other options?



AFAIK it’s not possible to Zero Fill a “Networked HDD” … it has to be a “Physical Drive” in order to do a Zero Fill

You would have to remove the hdd from the enclosure and connect it to your PC for it to become a Physical Drive that could be zero filled.


Thanks for the reply. Can I connect the network drive directly to the computer via a crossover cable so that it is like a local physical drive? If not, is it possible to do it with a bridged ( USB cable?



i’m pretty sure 99.99% a cross-over cable won’t make it a physical drive

you’ll know if it is or is’nt when you launch Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool

The “Bridged” cable you linked to … still contains the wording “USB networking cable”  … “Networking” being the Key Word

Physical Drive would either be by USB direct connection or SATA connection inside your PC

Personaly, if the Unit is out of the Warranty Period, i’d remove the HDD and connect it to my PC

Here’s a quick “teardown” video