NetBios Vulnerbility

My vulnerability scanner has picked up the following vulnerability, can anyone provide a workable solution for this issue?

NetBIOS Shares Accessible - Medium Rated

Vulnerability Details 100870

This host revealed one or more NetBIOS shares that did not require any authentication to access. An attacker can read data from these NetBIOS shares or potentially trojan files in an effort to compromise this host.


Review the shares that are listed in the vulnerability data section. Disable any shares that are unnecessary. On Microsoft Windows operating systems, the shares on the local or remote machines can be viewed by using the “Shared Folders” Snap-in of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). There are three shares that are present by default and cannot be modified: ADMIN$, C$, IPC$. All other shares should be listed and modifiable through this Snap-in. For Samba installations, modify the smb.conf file so that it either specifies the users who are allowed to access the host in the ‘valid users’ field, or so that it specifies the allowed hosts in the ‘hosts allow’ field. The smb.conf file is typically found in the /etc/samba/ directory but this location varies between system distributions. Note: Specific UNIX distributions may require different steps. Please consult the Samba documentation for further details.

If it identified a public share, that’s not a vulnerability. You provided no relevant details.