Net use shows no drive, even though Explorer works

I am trying to robocopy data from my laptop to the NAS and when i map the drive, i can access files with Windows Explorer. However, When i open a command prompt and type Z:, it doesn’t show up. It just says “The System cannot find the drive specified”.

It’s a Windows 10 laptop. When i first map the drive, it seems to show up at the command prompt, but when i try to robocopy, it then tells me it can’t find the drive or destination and when i type Z: again or net use, it shows no drive.

I was able to run robocopy 1 time when i first got it a few weeks ago and was trying to update some files that needed to be backed up.

I have Microsoft Windows Network set as my primary network in Provider order and everything is hard-wired.

I have a Windows 7 desktop that seems to be ok and retain the Z: drive in the command prompt, but i can’t run robocopy from it, because my USB ports are bad and my laptop is all i can use to copy it up.

I am going to try another laptop that i have, that is not Windows 10, to see if it makes a difference.

I also noticed that after running for a week, the Sharename on the NAS became unresponsive, so i had to reboot it. The reboot didn’t help with getting the Z: drive to stay up on the command line or net use on the laptop, so i am pretty sure it is a configuration issue with the laptop or windows 10.

I don’t suppose there is a way to plug the drive into the NAS directly and access the USB from a remote computer? I need to run a Robocopy mirror command from it, to keep the data the same.

Just an update: I dug out an old Windows XP laptop and after moving the robocopy.exe to the Windows\system32\ folder:o i ran the robocopy mirror command and it appears to be working.

It’s definitely some kind of issue with my Windows 10 laptop losing the drive mapping. I even tried running the robocopy command on the Windows10 laptop with the UNC share and path, which failed.

One thing i noticed is that i believe if i run robocopy with the /copy:DAT flag, it originally gave me an error about not being able to modify/write attributes to files on the NAS. i made an alternate version with /copy:DT to exclude attributes.

It’s been a week or so since i ran the command successfully on my Windows 10 laptop, so i don’t remember if that was actually an issue or not, but to be safe, i ran the /copy:dt command on my XP laptop instead of /copy:DAT

No idea if running the attribute copy makes the drive no longer reachable. I doubt it, because i didn’t have this problem the first week i had it. I was eventually able to copy data over. It just took forever to figure out a working robocopy command that worked. I do remember having some problems getting it to work the first time, though.

This is really weird. My desktop will eventually be Windows 10, so i am hoping this isn’t some issue with Windows 10.

Hi there,

I have not tried this on windows 10, lets see if another use can share some information or tips on this matter. Please keep us posted with updates if you are able to determine what is causing this issue.