NeSmartware wants to backup to wrong drive, how to change it

I have a Dell computer.  I had to reformat the My Passport external hard drive to do a bootable disk. It is now Fat32.  It has two partitions.  One has a disk G which is the Boot. Disk G is less than 500mb of available space.  Disk H is the Master.  It has over 800 gb of available space.  I backed up manually all of my documents, photos, videos, and music to Disk H.    I then started Smartware.  It was an older version.  It gave me a choice of backup to Disk H or G.  I chose H.  Well when I closed it, and reopened it, it only shows an option of Disk G to back up to, which does not have the space.  It is the boot drive.  So I decided to upgrade to the latest Smartware, hoping that would solve the problem.  When I started it, it did not give me the option to backup to Disk H.  It only shows Disk G.  Can anyone tell me how to change the backup to disk H, instead of G?

Never mind.  I went to HOME, and there it allowed me to change it from G to H.  Sorry for the trouble.

Well it isn’t backing up on it’s own.  I just saved a test file in My Documents.  Smartware is set for continuous backup.  It is not backing up the file.  Sigh.

Smartware is not supported to work on partitioned drives. This does not mean it wont work but it cannot be guaranteed that it perform correctly. You might also be running into problems for using a FAT32, using this format, you wont be able to save individual files larger than 4GB. 

I deleted all Smartware, and reinstalled it.  It is supposedly backing up now.  The only reason it is on Fat32 is because I have the boot for Dell on it, and it had to reformat it to do so.  Fix one problem it seems, and it causes another.  Good grief.  I will let you know whether this works or not.  Thank you for trying to help me.  Oh, and as far as I know, I would never have a file over 4gb. 

Well the backup says complete, and it did not backup my test document.  I have never been able to get this to work, and I have no idea why.  I am using the latest update.  I have been using it like a big flash drive.  I guess I will have to use a 3rd party software to get a proper backup.  Thanks anyway for trying to help.  I do appreciate it.