Nero MediaHome 4

Just picked up a WD Live TV Plus and was kind of surpised that it can’t see my Nero MediaHome 4 server (but it finds other DLNA servers on the network). Anyone know if MediaHome 4 will be supported in later firmware releases or if there is a workaround to get WDLT and MH to play nicely together?



Were you able to make this work?

To be quite honest I have never been able to get the Nero MediaHome server to work with any media players, not just the WD. I gave up on it long ago. If I recall it often would not work with the Nero media player.

So I have used Twonky for many years and have not had too many problems. Twonky is not free, but relatively inexpensive. There are also several free media servers that do an adeqate job. Look here for a reasonably comprehensive list-

No, I never got this to work.

The reason I like MH4, is because it can restream output from TV tuners (I’ve got 2 HDHomeRuns sitting on my network). That way I can watch live TV over DLNA on devices without tuenr support. As far as I know, there is no other DLNA server capable of doing this.

If WD were willing to add HdHomeRun support, that would be even better… :slight_smile: