Nelp needed with windows 8.1

Hope someone can help?

I am connected to to the internet/Wifi via virgin media. The problem I have is that everytime I put my Wdtv on I lose my connection to my hub. I run diagnostics via internet explorer and it resets the Wifi adapter. It will then load whatever page I want, but the next page I want it loses connection again and it follows like this.

Thanks Paul


It sound like an Ip address issue.

Have you tried setting statics Ip to the devices?

Hi ERmorel

I have virgin media checking the chanel that my hub runs on at the moment although I’m not sure of how to make my devices IP address static.

Thanks Paul


Please see the following link on page ( 186 ) for information on how to setup an static IP on your unit.

Link to user manual page 186 Network setup.

Hi ERmorel

Thanks for the link