Neither of my WDTV Live boxes see Network Shares or Media Servers - Help!

Hi All

I’m running 2 WDTV Live boxes across my network, and my media is hosted on a Windows 8 server.

Recently I’ve had major issues and I’ve lost access to the network shares on both WDTV devices (but my media PC can still see everything without any issues).

As a workaround I’ve got XBMC running UPNP and now one of my WDTV Live boxes can now sse and play Media Servers.  the second box however see’s the Media Server, but always tells me that “There is mdia in the current folder”.

I’ve done a factory reset twice, but I’ve still got the same issues. I’ve also done the long press on the power button on the remote control.

Any ideas on how to either resolve the media server issue on WDTV #2, or to fix my network sharing issues on both?

My WDTV Live #2 details are as follows:


Firmware 1.06.43_V

IP Address

All Check Connection tests have passed

Device Name: WDTVLIVE

Share WDTV on your netowrk: On

Workgroup Name: Workgroup

Auto login to network share: Off


Now my primary WDTV Live box won’t see the Media Server any more, even though it worked last night.  Nothing’s changed in the environment as far as i’m concerned, Server is still turned on, not been rebooted, still running XBMC with UPNP.

So now i have 2 WDTV Live boxes of which netiher work.