Neighbors can see my WD MyCloud

Who can help me.

I installed my MyCloud on my Apple Mac. So there I get the normal folder setup.

When opening my Windows 8 PC, I see my MyCloud device in explorer and are able to access it. How come. I did not allow this other PC to access anything. I checked with my neighbors and they can also see my MyCloud device in explorer. They can even access it. This is dangerous and I do not know how to protect my device from others near to my WiFi signal.

Whi can please help me to prvent this sort of access.

Thanks for your reply, but… My WiFi is strongly protected. The problem is, that my neigbors can ‘see’  my MyCloud device as a network device within their reach (which happens normally with all devices within your WiFi reach). My device appears in their Windows explorer. You can then click on it, open it and see what is in.  Strangly, you only see two folders: ‘Photos’  and ‘Videos’. In these folders you find date, that is in completely other named folders. These (Photos and Videos) folders I never created and when using my Mac, I do not see these folders. They appear out of the bleu…

Ofcourse it should not be a problem that devices see my MyCloud, because they might like to connect. But then there should e a password access at least. Now it is just ‘open’ access…

Hope you can help me, because indeed I do not like all my neighbors to snoop aroud in my data.



Problem solved. Some months ago, my neighbors needed internet and their modem was down. So they asked me to use my WiFi for a moment. I made the connection for them, but apprently it remained possible for them to use my connection. Now I changed password of my WiFi network and now they can not get in anymore. Problem solved.

Sorry for all the hassle…! Anyway, luckely by installing MyCloud I found out.