.Nef Files

WD My Book Esstenials 1 TB , running Win 7 , I have backedup my PC hard drive and was checking on the WD My Book if all files were there , but can’t see my photo files with .nef extension so unsure if they have been backed up . How do I check please ?


What did you use to backup with the smartware that came with drive? What OS are you using?


Mate, check this link below:


Cheers for the link , I’ve seen this before . I assume that my Nikon .nef files are classed as Other .

But How can I make sure that other does contain my .nef files once I have backed up ?

On my old freeserve I could see the files on the ext drive via exploring in My computer


OS = Windows 7 Home Premium used the software that came with the drive to back up Smart Ware.