Needs to be renamed, "Dumbware" is anything but smart!

Wish I had read this fourm before buying this drive with the so called “smartware”. Its a nightmare. I have reinstalled many times and then without any changes to my system, I find that my files are not cataloged on the software therefore not backup as they were before. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

It is useless.

Maybe we can find a solution for that.

What is your operating system ?

i am running windows 7…I install the latest version 1.4 and it catalogs the files…backs them up to the drive then…later I go back and the files and not cataloged nor backed up…I will try any solution. Thanks

Forgot…64bit windows 7

One other question…What is the advantage of this software backup over the intergrated backup of Windows 7?

The silence is deafing. No answer to my last issue or question. I’m done…this “dumbware” is for people who have nothing better to do than to fool around with some junk software to see if they can get to work…risking there documents.

They are two different kinds of backup software.  Windows backup will back up entire drive.  SmartWare won’t.  Windows backup can be scheduled or run manually.  SmartWare runs all the time

There is a possibility that the Smartware is not running correctly due to a requirement being missing. I’ve read that in order for the Smartware to run correctly it requires Microsoft .Netframework 3.5, which is included on Windows Updates, but you having Win7 its possible that you have the 4.0 version.

Check on your control panel > uninstall a program in the programs and features area, and see what version you have. If you don’t have the 3.5, and just have the 4.0, you might need to uninstall the 4.0, then go to Microsoft’s website and download/install the 3.5 version, and then! upgrade to the 4.0. The reason for this is the 3.5 has some components the 4.0 does not, which allows the Smartware to run successfully.

After that, the Smartware should run perfectly fine.