Needing help disconnecting My Book Essential

Hello there,

I have a My Book Essential of 1T.B … or better said, This :-

is the one I have.

My problem is that I can’t disconnect it normally and safely! Every time I do the right click and safely eject step, it tells me that I must close all running programs and try again later … I do so and keep just the normal programs like the antivirus & the Bluetooth running, but still I get the same message!

I could disconnect it by just removing the USB cable, but that may cause some problems in the future and make me lose data.

I need help to be able to disconnect the external normally with out closing all programs (sometimes I have important web pages open that am working on) or removing the USB cable.

Thanks in advance

Maybe this can help:!&p_li=&p_topview=1

Inform us if your Problem is solved

Cheers Petra