Need your advise to backup (synchronize) Outlook .pst file in remote


I set up MBL in my home and I’d like to backup my outlook .pst file in my laptop in office.

Actually the laptop is too big and heavy and I have another computer in my home and would like to share the .pst file in each computers.

The ideal situation is that I back up (or synchronize) the .pst file in MBL when I go to home and restore it if I need to use the .pst file in my home computer.

I thought the Smartware will support remote back up but I become to know it’s not working out of my home network.

Can anyone help me to set up the remote backup using MBL in my home?


Currently remote backups are not supported by Smartware, you can try using Google to find a third party options that could allow you to do it. Also some of the other community users can give suggestions on how you can do it.