Need Windows XP to recognize Passport (different problem)

I can’t get access to my Passport WD 2500BEV from my Windows XP. I looked at the other discussions but believe I have a different problem. I originally was using this drive on the MAC side of my laptop. (I have a MacPro partioned for both MAC and Windows). I want to use it on the PC side so I deleted all the files and use a program that reinitialize it. Now I can’t see it in the folders but when I go to Control Panel and use add hardware it sees it and says it’s working properely. I at a lost on how to get it hook up again. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you still wish to use it on both your PC and Mac?  If so, I recommend that you take your drive back to your Mac and use Disk Utility to reformat to FAT32 (MS-DOS).