Need virgin image file for 1TB mycloud


I had a 3TB mycloud device. A few weeks back disk gave up, so would like to replace it with a 1TB disk.

  1. What is the process to replace
  2. How to download the 1TB virgin disk image file.

One does not need a “virgin image file” to “unbrick” a hard drive for use in a single bay/single drive My Cloud enclosure. User Fox_Exe has a set of directions for each single bay My Cloud version (first gen, second gen) that users have used successfuly to unbrick a hard drive and have it work in the My Cloud enclosure.

Instructions and files for the first gen (P/N -00, v4.x firmware):

Instructions and files for second gen (P/N -10, v2.x firmware):

Hi Bennor,

Unfortunately I do not have that disk with me. I just have the case with a brand new 1TB HDD.
So need help in doing that.

How do i figure out which version of firmware mine is?

Look at the bottom of the My Cloud (single bay/single drive) enclosure for a P/N number. If the P/N number ends in “-00” then it’s first gen v4.x. If it ends with “-10” then it’s second gen v2.x.

One may need to use a Linux boot disc/USB flash drive to boot their computer when performing some of the steps in the Fox_Exe directions. Ubuntu is one such popular Linux distro that has boot disc/USB flash drive.