Need urgent help

I have just launched a new station on the Icecast app and, although I have no problems broadcasting it to devices in my flat, I have no idea what I need to configure in either the NAS (WD EX 2 Ultra) or the BT Home Hub to make it public - my sister’s internet radio - which I am effectively using as a guinea pig - just keeps saying “Connecting - Retrying”, and struggles to do anything else - everything I do at my end elicits that response! What do I need to do to make my server public?

My stream is here:

When you say public, do you mean visible on the local network or for anyone on the internet?

I mean for the entire internet! I have no issues broadcasting it on my devices - but I want the world to hear what I am playing! I’ve got it to stream to my own internet - but I might just as well be playing my laptop!

I would not recommend exposing devices on your local network to the internet like that. There are people who scan the internet on a regular basis for exposed connections they anticipate being able to go through.

I only want to have my music heard and to be able to listen outside my network - have family members tune in and listen at my sister’s house when I visit! If it’s not safe to broadcast it to the world in general, how can I make it so my sister can listen?

I’d say the average person would create a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or another platform that can stream music. If they were looking to take their music on the go, they’d load the songs onto their device to play locally. There are services out there where you can host a radio like station such as shoutcast. If you do want to host the broadcasting, do so on something like AWS or Azure. Sounds like you have some more research to do! :slight_smile:

That’s not what I have in mind! There’s an Icecast app in the device which is supposed to be able to allow me to stream my music online to the world - but it won’t go beyond my flat - I have done everything I can via BT (my ISP) - but it still struggles to work outside my network! A perfect signal in my flat - better even than that offered by more professional stations - what do I need to do to make it so I can stream outside my network without making it vulnerable to attack from forces unknown? That’s all I am asking!

Doesn’t matter now - the latest update has removed the Icecast app!