Need to wipe nvme drive to install windows

How do I format my WDS500G2X0C to hopefully install and use in a EVGA z390 Dark, I had the drive for a little while in my NAS but it wasn’t helping my speed so I’ll use it here if I can. I don’t see it on the list of compatible drives but I’m pretty sure it’ll work, I’ll find out…

Hello: I have that same drive. I am not able to wipe that drive. It works fine, but I replaced it with a WDBlack SN750. Now I too want to wipe it so I can use it on another machine.
I have spoken with WD tech about the problem. No solution for me, but you and I can always install the drive and when windows installation process begins, you have the option to format the drive at the very beginning of the installation process.
My issue is that the WD Dashboard proclaims to have the secure erase function and sanitize function. The Sanitize function worked well on the Blue drive I have installed using Dashboard. I installed the WD Black drive with the WDBlack 750 having the windows OS on it. Dashboard recognizes all three drives, but notes that the WD Black cannot be securely erased or sanitized, but can be reformatted using the USB created in Dashboard. However, that does not work for me.
I expect WD will have to further develop Dashboard, particularly the USB create function so that our WD Black can be secure erase, sanitized and formatted. The Dashboard manual conflicts with the current WD Dashboard when it comes to secure erase, sanitize, and format, and the UsB created in Dashboard freezes when loaded in bios as it loads to the first screen.
Anyway, that is my situation regarding wiping the WD Black, which Dashboard calls WD Black SN700. That name confused the WD Tech.
Your situation can be different from mine, but I do think if you want, you can install windows on it after the windows installation does the format disk. It would be best if WD provided workable wipe software.
Good luck and have a most pleasant 4th of July celebration.