Need to share My Book with multiple computers...have questions

Hi.  We bought a 1TB My Book Essential for our office so that several people can use it to back up various files on their desktops.  I’m the first one to attempt this. 

First, no matter what I clicked on, I got the “An application has   encountered an unexpected error   and is now exiting.”  I searched and found this forum, where I learned that running the SmartDrive app as an admin would fix that.  Which it did.

However, I don’t need the backup software and I don’t want everyone in the office having to install backup software.  We just want to drag and drop what needs to be saved.  Can someone tell me how to do this?

Also, when I open the drive (and to do that I have to right-click and select “open”) I can’t create new folders.  I get an error message that says “Unable to create new folder.  Access denied.”  I’m stumped.  This is my first WD external drive, but it may be my last. 

Eureka!  I figured it out.  My apologies for using up board space.

Hi NCampbell,

Please share with the forum how you managed to solve your issue - it may help other with the same problem. 


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