Need to restore to new, larger hard drive

So, bought a WD My Book and kept backups on it using WD True Image. One day my laptop hard drive crashes (C:\ and E:\ partitions) and I buy a new, larger WD drive.

How do I get my backup disk image to restore to the new drive and utilize the larger size? No matter what I do, restoring keeps the partitions the same size wasting the additional capacity. Seems like this would be a common scenario yet I could find nothing explaining how to do it.


Hi Gerald,

If you want to do it really easy with practically no sweat, I would recommend Mini-Tools Partition Wizard. It shows you graphically all that you have and then you can move/resize or even extend partition to all that is available. I swear by that Partition Wizard. It just does not do the cloning that True Image does with Win 10. True Image is a horror to use in comparison but my research has only found that you can make True Image do the job, others have failed.


Thanks, DL. It just seemed that this is such an obvious need that the T-I program would be able to use my backup image to accommodate restoration to my new (WD) hard drive. Makes me wonder if I should be using some other backup program? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find the WD T-I program very user friendly, anyway. I was about to upgrade to the paid version (so I could use the program to manage my network backups), but there must be a better program out there? My opinion is that the T-I staff do not test their product by anticipating typical user needs and then clearly documenting the how-to’s. Something is missing between programmer and customer.


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