Need to Remove Youtube Leanback Please!

Hate…HATE this new updated Youtube leanback. I have an old school TV and even after I changed the aspect ratio I still can’t see words for searches or a submit button! This is serious because my daughter watches lots old cartoons and education stuff and now I can’t find any thing. And when I logged on with my online account I still easily find my subscribtions…what a nightmare…PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS A WAY TO RETURN BACK TO THE OLD YOUTUBE…PLEASE!!!

Have you tried to play with the resolution of the TV or the Media player…

Depending on the device that you have, you can try doing a rollback on the firmware to see if it goes to the previews youtube version.

Thanks but how do I do a roll back or how do I disable the firmware upgrade?

I did change the aspect ratio but it still not possible to easily access my subscriptions on youtube that I have saved.

I assume that you have the old Live player and therefore you are posting in the wrong forum. A new Live Streaming player has both the old youtube and the new youtube leanback.