Need to Reinstall WD Utilities

Extracted downloaded zip and get an .exe file; double clicked it and the “Do you want to Run this file” appeared and clicked on RUN; instead of installing a WD window says “A newer version of WD Drive Utilities is already installed”.

I don’t see any .msi file from download.
I see all the utilies on my C: drive.
Obviously I need help to get my new My Passport Ultra back to its original condition.

WDBGPU0010BBK-NESN (New Model)
I run Windows 7 on my PC

Guess I will answer my own question. Dahhh!
This for Windows 7:
Went to All Programs looked for Western Digital (programs) Right clicked on the folder then chose Send To and selected My Passport Ultra (E:)
Now I have a copy of Western Digital’s software that came with the HDD drive in case my PC crashes I don’t have to down load the software.
It took me a while to figure this out…Don’t laugh :laughing:

While the unit does include an installer file within it, it’s usually best to download the one on WD’s site since the production date for your unit could be older than the latest software release. On this case your unit already came with the latest revision.