Need to recover data from a failed My Book World Edition

Hi All,

I have a 2TB My Book World edition (white). Bought it three years back so as of now its out of warranty.

My drive powers on perfectly, but i am not able to access any data on that.

I logged into the web interface, and on the Drive status it says “Drive B Failed”.

The Current drive type is linear “Large Single Volume (Linear)”

Firmware Version: 02.00.18

The My Book World edition has two physical HDDs in the enclosure, so i also tried removing the HDD (Drive B) and connecting to external Sata controller and yet the HDD does not power up. and other HDD (Drive A) has a lots of partitions and volumes, which i cannot read on my Windows 7 system.

Can someone please advise / help how can I get my data back? I have nearly 1.6TB of data on it.

You need a linux CD to read the files

there are a couple of post here talking about that