Need to rebuild the dlna media server all the time - help


i have a my book live with media server

I need to constantly rebuild the server to see all my video files.

Normally every time i leave the server un-used for a couple of days, when i use my PS3 to browse the dlna files, 3/4 of the files have vanished. 

I then need to go on the mybok live software, and then click on rebuild and all the files re appear.

Is there a solution for this?



Did this started to happen recently?

Have you tried resetting the unit?

To be honest it took me a while to realize it- to stat with i thought the files were incompatible with the server. I then realized maybe a month or so ago that if I clicked n rebuild all the files would appear.

The strange thing is that after a couple of days - perhaps when the HDD goes in powersave mode - a lot of the files vanished and i need to ‘rebuild’ again.



Actually I have not done a full reset.

Weirdly thought - it seems to always happen more often with MKV files.

I have a second WD drive - that running Twonky media - and in there the files do not appear at all - even if i rescan / rebuild.

And the files missing are the same one vanishing.

So in a way it seems related to file type.


Which video files are the ones that show this problem?

Please try posting the media info.