Need to reboot after each video to get playon to work?

The unit was working fine until last week when I had to do a complete reinstall of Windows 7 on my PC. Now when trying to watch video content it shows all appropriate menus but once a selection is made it only shows the never-ending circling arrow. Once a reboot is done by holding down the power button it works fine until the end of the episode. If you want to watch a diferent video another rebot is needed… Any ideas??? I’m using playon as a media server through my PC.

You may try resetting the Hub, but it sounds more like a Playon issue.  You can check if a firewall is interfering with Playon.

I’ve got the same problem with having to reboot every time I want to play another video.  I’ve noticed that if I play the current video until it finishes I can select another to play, but if I quit a video in the middle  and select another viedo I get the forever orange circle.  What’s the deal?   I play anything from .vob’s to .mp4’s.