Need to purchase a new hard drive


I am not a techy person, but did build my own computer about 3 years ago, and have built several others…

I can build them but if something goes wrong I have to search to fix ti.

anyway after doing a windows 7 update last wek once in awhile I would hear some clicking coming from my computer

I didnt pay much attention to it except after a restart it took windows a long time to load

now windows gets stuck at the starting windows screen and when i contacted windows they said hard drive was going and to purchase another one and install windows on it. that way the other drive i will be able to get my files from.

so the drive that I had is a WD 4000aaks… so I need to get another hard drive and am not  sure which one i should select the blue, green , black. i read some postings that the wd black were the best drives any suggestions

Hi well the blue and green drives have had there warranty cut to 2 years and are not the best drives. The black drive is a great drive and has a warranty of 5 years. The black is your best choice.

To confirm that the drive is bad you may run an Extended Test using DLG. To confirm which drive you can use as an upgrade you may check the documentation of the motherboard.