Need to partition my My Book Studio

I have a WD 2TB My Book Studio Hard Drive which I use with Time Machine to back up my iMac.  On the same computer I’ve now installed Bootcamp and Windows 7 together with windows programs that I also need to back up.

So my problem is can I partition the My Book Studio  Drive to have the Mac OS on one and the windows 7 on the other? I realise I may well have to reformat and start all over again, but is there a specific procedure I should follow please?  I’m also looking for a Mac app to back up the Bootcamp (Win 7) if that’s possible.

Any suggestions please?  Thanks

This could work but is not guaranteed to perform perfectly, I ran into issues with this configuration and at the end I simply downloaded a tool for Mac called NTFS 3G that allowed me to see a drive partitioned NTFS for Windows on the Mac side, hopefully this will be helpful for you in this case.

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I’ll give that a try - thanks for the suggeston.