Need to login to facebook every time


Is there any way that my WD Live SMP can remeber the user and password for Facebook so that I do not have to enter that everytime?

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Puneet Kohli

The password should be saved automatically, the cache in the SMP might be full, so try connecting any small USB memory or external hard drive and try again to enter the password.

I have external devices connected to the SMP but this does not works. UserID and Password are cleared once I disconect power supply and reconnect again, which I do everytime after I am done with SMP.

is there a reason you unplug it every time you’re done with it?

if you hold the power down for 5 seconds it will fully power down the SMP and negate the unplugging.

try that and see if it still clears your log in info

I will check that. But, keeping it on all of the times may reduce its life. Moreover there are power outages which will anyhow shut it down.