Need to Know What type of external hard drive enclosure to buy to "slave" an old gateway 2000 hard drive in order to get data and family pictures off it


I’m wondering what type of hard drive enclosure I should buy to “slave” this old hard drive with a MAC computer and gain access to the word files and photos on this old hard drive. Can you give me advice on what to purchase? Thanks. I would give you the serial number, but I’m not sure which number is the serial number. My model number: AC26400-00RN

You can buy an enclosure for 3.5 HD that has a USB2 or 3 connection, or you can buy what is called a docking station that you can connect to your computer and just drop the bare drive in it, access it and copy the stuff off of it. Thermaltake makes good ones; I have their docking station.

As for taking a drive from a PC and putting it in an enclosure or docking station, that is not a problem, but copying files that are Windows Word files might be, but photos if all jpg files, should not be.

Thank you for your help.

I ordered this. (See picture). (Vantage SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter model CB-ISATAU2.)

Please let me know if you think it will work.

Glad to help, and I hope it works well for you. If not, Newegg is pretty good about returns; I bought lots of stuff from them, and I hope you won’t need to deal with a return, of course!

Thanks. Do you think I will have to move jumpers?

Odds are, likely not, at least I have not had to with the 3-4 brands of most current SATA drives I put into my docking station. I see the one you bought accepts older IDE drives. I read some of the many reviews; hope you did, too. Depending upon the age of your HD it could be an IDE drive.
Have you googled for your drive brand and model to find out specs of it?
Please let me know how this works out for you.

It’s an IDE drive.