Need to get My Book Duo off of port 80

After adding a MyBookDuo to back up on our LAN, it has taken over Port 80 which I do not want it to do. We have a company website running and the WD has knocked it offline.

Turning off the WD’s Remote Access didn’t seem to help. Is there a way in the WD interface to change the port?

Technically, the WD isn’t knocking anything off line.

If the WD is using UPnP to register port 80 on your router, and your router (which presumably has a static port forward to port 80 for your website) registers it on top of the static entry, that’d be your router’s fault.

A UPnP host should not allow a client to register a port that’s already in use.

But yes, you can change the port usage from Auto to Static, and it’ll stop using UPnP.

Thanks, that appears to have worked and I’ll assign a static ip to the MBD. I agree that the router should not have given up the IP address, but somehow…